What’s the dealio?

Hi Lovers

So apparently people in the States go crazy after Thanksgiving and spend all their money on sales? Perfect timing for xmas shipping and the perfect time to finally try out the Etsy Coupon Code function right?

So if you’re from Australia use code FREESHIPPINGOZ50 when you spend $50nzd to get free shipping.
And if you’re from anywhere else use code FREESHIPPING75 when you spend $75nzd to get free shipping.

But what about the Kiwis?! You guys get free shipping on everything always now. Boom!

Don’t forget I can ship presents already gift wrapped directly to your recipient with a note from you. Just make sure you include all the details in the notes when you check out.

Whatever, I’ll Do What I Want

I’ve realised lately that I’m in a good space and working on what I actually want to do now. How do I know this?

I’m temping and getting on with it but my mind is full of jewellery ideas I’d like to work on, photos I want to be taking, and blog posts I want to be writing.

When people ask what I do I tell them I temp 6 months of the year, as well as all the other stuff. Because that’s true. I have officially gotten to a point in my life where I can live on half of my temping wage while I’m temping, and spend the other half of my wage during the 6 months of the year I’m not officially employed.

My birthday, an unusually beautiful and sunny one (spring time in Wellington = rain), was spent nursing a hangover of both the food and alcohol varieties, having high tea with some of my ladies, and working. I couldn’t wait to have a few hours to myself so I could edit some photos, write some words, and sketch some ideas.

The crazy giftmas season has kicked in and orders have shifted into high gear. It’s been quite overwhelming juggling 40 hours in the office, social engagements every night, blogging every day, and filling all the orders in time. But I’m still really happy, I want to give up less than ever. And it’s a really great space to be in.

Over the past few years I’ve struggled constantly with the idea that maybe I’m just doing the jewellery and blogging thing because I couldn’t think of anything else. But I’m pretty sure that as long as I’m crafting and sharing my thoughts I’m where I want to be.

Money or no.

[Title courtesy of Cartman]

New Shop Things and Xmas Shipping

I’ve been temping again for the past month (with another month on my contract) in order to get some dollars ready for xmas and new years and all the fun things that happen without me when I’m not getting much money in. And as always the reality of being cooped up in a cubicle sent my brains into over drive and all I wanted to do was make all the things, and photograph all the things, and write all the things.

But I can’t do it all so I just made a few of the things:

Ampersand necklaces
Ampersand necklaces in Quicksand, Baskerville, and Futura fonts

Bunting necklace
Bunting in pink white and blue

Black bone bead necklace

3 finger ring
Faux 3 finger rings

There’s only one finger hole and the bar sits above your digits, way more comfortable and allows heaps more movement than a true 3 finger ring.
Futura ampersand brooch

Heart brooch and ring
Heart rings and mini heart brooches

More things soon

I’ve got a few more new designs that need to be photographed and listed so look out for another update in a week or two. Expect bows and anchors and bone beads in more colours and ceramic hearts.

Xmas Shipping

Unfortunately my super dooper laser machine friend is moving cities in a couple of weeks so the laser cutter will be out of action for a while. I can still get things made but there will be a 2-3 week turn around instead of a week (max) turn around. This means custom xmas orders for pretty much everywhere need to be in by mid November! Not long! How is xmas so soon!?
You have a bit longer for jewellery in stock. Those orders don’t need to be in till the end of November if you need them to arrive by xmas.

Ozzies have till the around the 20th of November for custom orders and till December 9th for jewels in stock.

Kiwis have till the start of December for custom orders and till the 19th of December for everything else.

If you’re buying gifts I can send them direct to the recipient with a note! And even if you’re buying for yourself your jewels will be packaged with tissue and ribbon and love.

Lasers and Baubles

Since Asia I’ve finally had some motivation to give the jewellery business much needed attention. The brain elves have decided to get off their asses, of only for a quick walk around the block.

I’ve been experimenting with new designs and techniques, filling laser etching with colour and using multiple layers of acrylic. I’ve been cross stitching as well (but still haven’t found an appropriate pendant frame to make cross stitched jewellery, boo).

Here is what’s new in the shop (click the photos to see them on Etsy)
Lightning Necklace
Silver Mirror Ag Necklace
Cupcake Ampersand
Camera necklace

All the old faves are still there – unicorns, narwhals, cupcakes, and plenty of custom designs.

Saturday at the Cupcake Factory

It started with more than a few tears and ended with tea and cupcakes.

Somewhere in the middle the lovely Jason tried to make me feel better with a heart to heart and some tunes on the guitar and the lovely Kate helped me eat icing out of the bowl.

Love my peeps.

cupcakes and tea

Love Instagram for the iPhone as well. Makes all of my shitty photos whimsical and hip with the touch of a button.

You better watch out, you better not cry

I can’t believe I actually have to start talking about this now, but giftmas is nearly upon us! In less than 2 months we’ll be gathering with our families and taking a break from our usual lives.

Being all the way down in little old New Zealand means that things can take a while to get to you, from me. So cut off dates from the Cupcakes and Mace store for shipping overseas is the 29th of November. If you’re wanting something custom made for a gift then you should let me know asap!

If you’re ordering from Australia you have till the 6th of December. And if you’re ordering from New Zealand you have right up until the 21st of December. Sweet.

Basically you only have THREE WEEKS. Get thee orders in my inbox!


As well as all of the usual colour options I have silver mirror, gold mirror, silver holograph, light blue holograph, dark blue holograph, purple holograph, and red holograph available till it runs out. If you’re a blog reader you can have those colours for no extra as well.

Giftmas Orders and Paint The Town Red SALE!!


Some of you may have already noticed there is a big sale in the Cupcakes and Mace store right now. For the rest of you here is your notification.

We have a whole heap of mostly red, pre cut jewellery sitting here in the Cupcake Factory. We’d prefer if they were sitting around the neck of you and your BFF though so we’re running a buy one get one free sale. We have scissors, narwhals, guns, seahorses, vultures, Darwin fish, cupcake rings, minicorn brooches, candy, and ghosts and you can mix and match.

The sale is on till it’s gone. The first 10 pictures below link to the sale items (up to the vulture), the rest are recently added pieces.

Cupcakes and Mace


Giftmas shipping. I know it’s early, but down here at the end of the world we’re so far away from you Americans and Britons that the shipping cut off is the 30th of November. There is a chance that orders after that will still arrive in time, but not a chance I’d take. Make sure you get in by the 28th to be sure.

Aussies fare slightly better as you’re pretty close, but your cut off date is still the 7th of December. Please try to get your orders in by the 5th.

Kiwis, you have until the 19th of December. Because we’re shutting up shop for the year on that day. We’ll be open for orders over the holidays but nothing will ship till we’ve had a nice long break and get back to Wellington in the second or third week of January.

Don’t forget we can cut other designs for you – you’re not limited to what is currently in the shop. Prices will be around the same as listed items.
If you order 10 pieces you’ll get 25% off everything (excluding sale items).
We also offer flat rate shipping, no matter how many things you buy!

We Now Return to Your Scheduled Programme

What a week! Hugest order ever, birthday, birthday, derby, spewing, sunburn, candy, order, UPS guy. DONE.

With all of the extra excitement around here I neglected the blog more than usual last week. But do not worry. We are now returning to the usual late night postings and inane ramblings of a one Ms Constantine. Now bought to you by wireless keyboard (I’m so 2000 and late).

Unicorns and Narwhals

Friday the 2nd my big order for ModCloth got confirmed so we spent most of this week putting that together. Turns out I can’t handle that on top of normal orders and a blogging schedule and seeing how I get paid for the orders it was my blog that took the hit.

Birthday Cake

BIRTHDAY! Dinner was delicious (as always at Arashi) and Chickie Little made the most amazing cake! White chocolate mud cake with cream, chocolate, crushed maltesers, and a bit of baileys in the middle. It was so rich and amazing. And it was even decorated with pink sugar and cupcake candles. Best lady evah.

The Boy’s present was a wireless desktop set (keyboard and mouse) and a copy of The Matrix. It might seem like a lame present to some of you but let me just say the hunchback look is not a great one for a 24 year old (24!), and I was already well on my way before I got my laptop.
The Matrix has been on my 101 in 1001 list from the beginning. He also paid for dinner and candy on Sunday.

After dinner with friends I met up with a couple of cool ladies I found through blogging and twitter. It was awesome and we clicked straight away.

Roller Derby 10 October

Saturday night involved more meetings with internet friends including Laura (from Friday night) and Jo (bottom left with the Perky Nah Nah supporter sign and stalkery necklace) two really great ladies that I love. I also got to have a brief chat with Katie who I also love and who is a skater in training. I started enjoying myself too much though and drank enough that I had to leave early and go spew in my hair.

laura leopard print

Laura looking bad ass in her Smash Malice/Brutal Pageant crossover outfit


Thankfully the terrible stormy weather cleared up on Sunday and our picnic up the cost at Lindale went ahead as planned. We didn’t go to a farm show but We got Kapiti cheese and ice cream and The Boy bought me a whole bunch of candy! :D
The duckling and her mum kept us entertained for quite a while in the picnic area.

Wholesale order

Finally the order got completed and packed. Now I just really hope the couriers pay attention to my fragile warning and everything arrives in the US in one piece.

C² Necklace Winners

You’re all winners. Unfortunately my empire building is not yet complete so my funds don’t stretch far enough to send something to every fabulous blogger and internet friend I come across. But a couple of lovely ladies will be getting something!


First off the amazing Sarah Hannah wins the randomly generated draw. Sarah Hannah said she’d like one of three choices “‘everything was beautiful and nothing hurt”, “death wears diamond jewellery”, or “team bubble”.

random number generator cupcakes and mace winner

Secondly we’d like to give a necklace to the ever stylish Ela for coming up with a fancy name to call these square boxes. We love C² (C squared), so thank you!

I’ve also contacted a fellow blogger about using her suggestion in the shop. If she decides to let us use her words we’ll let you know.

Send an email to [kim at cupcakesandmace (dot) com] letting me know what you want your necklace to say; which colour acrylic and chain you like; and if you have a sketch or some instructions on how you want the words set, which words should be bigger, smaller, on each line etc include that too. I’ll also need your addresses.

Secret Deals

We’re going to be offering create your own C² necklaces in the etsy shop, they’ll be $30 each, slightly more than the nameplate necklaces because there will be quite a bit more work involved. However, if you’d like to get your hands on one created especially for you before they’re even an option in the shop you’re going to get it for $20. Yep, early aaaaaaaaand a third off. This is for my readers only, and is available until the end of October.

Your necklace can say what ever you like. It can be cut in any of the colours we have. And you can either send us a sketch to give us an idea of how you want it to look or you can leave the design up to us. Send me an email referencing the secret blog deals and I’ll know what you’re talking about.

Photos of the winning C² necklaces will be posted when they’re ready.