We’re back!

After 46 days away we’re back in the land of the long white cloud.

Europe & Canada were amazing, exhausting, beautiful, cold , delicious, and exhausting.

It’s nice to be back in a familiar, soft bed which is higher than a foot off the ground. It’s nice to be able to make tea whenever I want and to use a washing machine instead of a sink and to have a shower I can turn around in without turning the water off with my butt.

I’ll miss warming up with a mug of hot wine while shopping for ornaments in the multitude of Christmas markets in Vienna. The incredible volcanic landscapes of Reykjavik and the bountiful thermal springs. The beauty of Prague’s magnificent buildings; everywhere you look it’s a fairy tale. And the beer! Berlin’s young generations remembering but moving on from past atrocities & making it a lively fun place full of good food and good art. Krakow’s walkability and the ring of park that surrounds the city centre. Budapest’s resilience and the pockets of greatness everywhere – the zoo, the views from high hills, incredible buildings, thermal baths, the market, and Gozsdu alleyway full of cafes and restaurants. And Vancouver was Wellington on a larger scale. Therefore I love everything about it.

I’ll be back one day Europe, for now I’ll try to forget how long it takes to get to you. And how much better your public transport is.

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