365 in 2013

Tuesday, January 22: Settlers of Catan
Tuesday, January 22: Yeah, we’re nerds who love to play Settlers of Catan. But we’re in good company.

Wednesday, January 23: Chicks at the Flicks
Wednesday, January 23: I get really nervous taking out a camera in the vicinity of a movie theatre, like they’re going to arrest me on the spot for piracy. So instead of taking a photo of some movie posters or the interior of the Embassy Theatre I took one of my Chicks at the Flicks goodie bag. (We saw Les Mis, Javert looks like my Dad!)

Thursday, January 24: Wedding cake banner
Thursday, January 24: A very lovely customer got me to make a cake banner for her wedding this year.

Friday, January 25: Welcome Home Kate and Jason
Friday, January 25: Kate and Jason are back from two months travelling Europe (and Japan)!

Saturday, January 26: The view from Brendan's parent's house is always incredible. Particularly so when there is a sunset like this.
Saturday, January 26: Brendan’s parent have an incredible view (even when the sunsets aren’t as beautiful as this).

Sunday, January 27: Backyard BBQ
Sunday, January 27: Wellington’s incredible weather continued to be incredible and so we BBQed at Benhi and Neil’s. Charcoal barbecues are the best.

Monday, January 28: Rugby players adorned with lei
Monday, January 28: The vagina-esque rugby statue has been spruced up with the addition of lei.

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