365 in 2013

Tuesday, January 15: Making a tagine
Tuesday, January 15: When Fiona and Pia left for Japan they gave us their tagine to look after. I finally used it and made a chicken, apricot, prune recipe. It was so good.

Wednesday, January 16: Cherry tomato plant
Wednesday, January 16: Brendan’s cherry tomato plants have done a lot better this year inside. Wellington’s weather isn’t ideal for growing anything like this outside.

Thursday, January 17: A storm rolling in
Thursday, January 17: Metservice predicted a little storm, potentially thunder, and after a few sets of clouds rolling by it finally hit us.

Friday, January 18: WWII planes fly over the city
Friday, January 18: A Spitfire, Kittyhawk, and Mosquito flew over Wellington at lunch time to advertise Wings over Wairarapa.

Saturday, January 19: Pickle
Saturday, January 19: A pre-date date with my friend at Pickle to help calm her nerves about her date date.

Sunday, January 20: Boxers picnicking with us
Sunday, January 20: Birthday ciders in the sun for Laura M where these friendly boxers hung out for a while.

Monday, January 21: This book is really good
Monday, January 21: Almost done with The Dirt, the Motley Crue biography. It is excellent.

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