Whisky Club

Having been introduced to good whisky by Brend and his Dad I’ve come to enjoy it without a mixer, or even ice. The way it should be consumed when the bottle is single malt and well aged, but the way it’s hard to drink when it’s blended and cheap.

Our friends like a wee dram of the good stuff as well. And so the Whisky Club was born. Every so often the host of the next Whisky Club gathering will buy a bottle or two of nice whisky to share, we all contribute $10 to pay for a share of the bottle, we gather, and we drink it. There is no room for wine, beer, or cider in whisky club. Not before all the whisky is gone anyway.

Yesterday was supposed to be a triple header of fun times. Mini golf, followed by a visit to Denny’s (my first time!), and concluding with Whisky Club. Unfortunately Wellington’s weather had different plans, as it is wont to do, and we had to cancel on mini golfing. The Denny’s plan remained intact and we grabbed the biggest booth in the place and filled the table with burgers, fries, pancakes, margharitas, coke floats, cakes, and breakfasts.

I pwned Denny’s. Chilli cheese fries to share, a millenium burger (meat + meat + cheese + bun. Making Ron Swanson happy), a pomegranate margarita, and a small stack of pancakes to finish (had to make Leslie Knope happy too). I have serious doubts about how I would have managed to get home if Jo hadn’t been driving. Way too much food. Maybe it was Denny that pwned me.

An hours rest between Denny’s and whisky gave me just enough time to digest a little and make some room for alcohol. On the table was Jura, a whisky we had seen on a show only days earlier and ordered from Whisky and More (who are awesomely discounted and have super fast shipping).

Jura is the smoothest whisky I’ve ever tried. Let’s just say it didn’t take long to go through the bottle between 8 of us…so we had to bring out the personal whisky and rum stash.

Can’t wait to do it again soon.

In other fun gathering news, a couple of weeks ago Laura and Tim hosted a mid-week Simpsons party! We ate Ribwich, pizza, all you can eat seafood buffet, twinkies, pickles, cheese slices, floor pie, and donut cake. We drank skittlebrau (occasionally through red vine straws). It was great.

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