Pick N Mix – 8 September 2011

Remember these!? I’ll forgive you if you don’t, it’s nearly been 2 years since I did a Pick N Mix link round up!

  • Ickle and Lardee are finally back! I missed them.
  • Evolving happiness. “They say that you need to be a whole person on your own in order to be part of a successful relationship, and I believe that that’s true, too. But what they don’t tell you – what nobody seems willing to tell you – is that it’s also okay to work this stuff out with someone else by your side.”
  • And another one from Nicole. Because she is better. The 100 lunches project.
  • Brend has almost convinced me to grow something with all the gardening he’s been doing. I think it’s far more likely that I’ll make some succulent terrariums or vertical gardens though.

Remember that one time it snowed in Wellington? This video captures that day perfectly.

  • Feminism, that touchy subject that shouldn’t be touchy because can’t we all agree that women deserve to be treated just as well as men are? I like how Sarah explains that feminism is not about being better than men, or being the same as them, but that we’re all equally as awesome as each other (or have the potential to be) and good at different stuff.
  • Goddamn Sal is a brave woman for putting all of this out in the open. Body hair is one of those things you just. don’t. talk. about. I’m happy for that to change though! We’ve all got it, it’s all different, we all deal with it somehow.
  • Best engagement shoot ever. Ever! Ever ever.
  • ‘You Look Great’ and Other Lies. What to say to someone who’s sick.
  • On the subject of privilege. “What other people are trying to say, and you aren’t really hearing properly, is that the way you have experienced the world has been shaped by a series of factors that you’ve probably never had to think about before.”
  • Absolutely stunning doily lamp.
  • While I’m sure we’re all aware that it’s not up to the victim to prevent sexual assault (a la this list) this video put out in New Zealand is a really great reminder that everyone can help prevent assault. Especially when a victim is not aware what is happening and may not be able to help themselves.
  • If you love Instagram and/or can’t get access to it on a phone then these Instagram Photoshop actions will be right up your alley. Filter all of the photos you can get your hands on.
  • Super simple tutorial for turning an oven rack into a jewellery organiser. Another item to add to the op shop list.
  • Harry Potter Party! Want!


Flash Mob Haka!
Doing a haka at the mall, nek minnit lost my jandal

Can’t stop listening to this song.

New Zealand Whaka Yeah

PostSecret now has an iPhone app. The trailer for the app is beautiful, and the app is fantastic if you’re a fan of the PostSecret blog.

If I didn’t know better I’d say Cookie Monster and Tom Waits were one in the same.

How long would it have taken to edit this video?! So much dancey clothed fun. (via yesandyes)

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