Keep Calm and Carry On

12.51pm NZ time marks a week since another destructive earthquake ripped through Christchurch. Although it measured only 6.3 compared to the 7.1 September 4 quake, it was centered much closer to the city, much shallower, and at a much higher acceleration.

154 is the official death toll at this moment. 50 people are still listed as missing. Hundreds of homes have been red stickered – these will most likely need demolishing. And many more have been yellow stickered – unihabitable until they can be looked at further. It’s been reported that a third of the city may need to be demolished.

Walking around Wellington now I can’t help but wonder which of the buildings around me would crumble. It is, after all, Wellington that has been expecting the “big one” for years. The big one that not many took seriously until a week ago. I think we’re all a bit worried now. Worried for ourselves, sure, but mostly worried for our Christchurch friends. Hoping they’ll get through ok, that the pain of lost lives and livelihoods won’t be too much to bear.

The way New Zealand has banded together is heartening though. I feel more patriotic than ever before.

If you would like to donate money to help Christchurch I recommend the Red Cross.

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  1. Even in the magical world of the internet, I heard about this two days after it happened. I’m shocked that Christchurch had another powerful earthquake so soon. But I’m also deeply humbled and in awe of the citizens (of both the city and the globe) who have rushed in to help.

    I’m super glad that Wellington hasn’t had their big one yet. I don’t want to have to worry about you, too! (Glad you’re safe)

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