The Switch

an old switch

There is a decided difference between the boys and girls in our house. The boys are full of drive, electing to get large amounts of exercise, writing, and other artistic activities out of the way before settling in for the night. The girls however need deadlines and rewards to get what they need to do done.

We were having a discussion about it the other day. Kate and I would both like to make our businesses work and we’d both like to lose our winter weight. The boys suggested we just do what we needed to do to get it done. We both lamented that our minds don’t work like that. In lieu of a very real deadline we need the switch. The thing in your mind that clicks over one day without much of a reason, that lets us put our mind to something.

Thankfully my switch to stop with the daily scone breakfasts, candy binges, huge lunches, and snacks after dinner flipped a couple of weeks ago.

The change has been dramatic and apart from weight loss the best result has been less sore tummies. I have colitis so eating fried food, and anything with high fat dairy or high amounts of sugar make me feel a bit sick. That’s how bad I was before. Willing to put my health at risk for a sugar fix. It’s the closest I’ll get to being an addict.

How do you get the things you need to do done? Can you just use your natural drive and grab what you want or are you more like me?

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  1. I’m kind of a mix of both. Some stuff I can just DO (I have a pretty long morning routine – yoga, dance, 20 minutes of meditation, daily draw, THEN I’m allowed to get on the computer) because I like it or because it makes me feel good – on days I don’t go through my whole morning routine I can totally tell a difference. But stuff that I don’t want to do, I definitely have to set up incentives to get stuff done.

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