Things Are Looking Up

I found a place to live you guys!

These days I’m reluctant to attribute anything that happens to fate, a plan, or any of that guff. But sometimes things feel like they happen for a reason. I didn’t get call backs from the places with skylights, the friend of a friend with the big room just down the road from where I live now completely dicked me around and didn’t show up to the viewing and then didn’t txt me back. But then I get a message from an acquaintance/friend saying one of their flatties just announced he’s moving out.

Turns out it was the best news I’d had all month. The room is big, cheap, and close to town. The flatmates are: Kate and Jason – they both blog (Kate at Lovelorn Unicorn, one of my favourite cute blogs; and Jason at Imaginary Network, amazing photography!), are both awesome people, and collectively are the cutest couple in the world! And they’re getting married in less than two weeks. And Brendan and Sophie, I don’t know these guys much at all but they both seem awesome and down to earth too.

I don’t have a partner to fall back on and hibernate with if I hate my flatmates anymore, so I was particularly hopeful I’d find somewhere to live with people I don’t hate. Result!

And the excitement of finding a new place to live only gets better as I realise I can decorate my room however I like. There will only be one persons junk in it. Mine! I can use a gingham table cloth and put fairy lights on the wall if I want to.

I’ve been scouring the design blogs for inspiration the last few days and here’s a few of the ideas I’ve loved.

Decorating 1

Decorating 2

Looks like I’m attracted to colour. Who knew? Very unlike me, although my favourite blue is showing through in quite a few of these pictures.

A huge thanks to everyone who has been looking after me the past month, getting me out of the house, and generally being a distraction. Especially the wonderful Jo who has given me a place to stay, cooked for me, and kept me entertained with 80s and 90s DVDs and a LAN party every night for half of the past 3 weeks. It means a lot to me, and has made a hard time a whole lot easier! You’re the best.

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  1. Yay on the new flat front! With friends even (-: you’ll have a blast.. I hope you share photos once you’ve decorated your new room. How fun!!! x

  2. Such good news! You have been on my mind for the past few weeks and I have been attempting to send good vibes your way. Enjoy the hell out of the decorating process and as Katie said, post pics when you are done!

  3. yay!!! so exciting when you can decorate however you like. i adore the blue armoir, how stunning is that colour!!! you MUSt show pics, your so creative i bet its going to look FANTASTIC!

  4. Oh, it looks lovely! I loooooooooove the lamp on the nightstand! It looks really pretty, where did you get it?

    I wish my place was as prettily decorated =]

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