Pick N Mix – Week Starting 14 December 2009

Pick N Mix - 14 December 2009


  1. thanks for the shout out petal! the customer service comic is too cute and so true! loved the article on women and the comparisons of the harry potter actors and the crazy van article…

    as always, another fantastic line up xxx

  2. That dude in the van is crazy. American universities are outrageously expensive. I don’t think university fees are regulated by the government, so colleges can charge what they like. Also a lot of students get their loans from banks, rather than the government, so that affects how they can pay it back. It’s bullshit – it definitely sets up a system of haves and have nots.

    Unfortunately, Australian universities are pushing for deregulation so they can charge more for their degrees. Thank christ I’ve already graduated.

  3. LOL that performance of Poker Face made my day…hahah!

    I love Sarah Hannah’s writing, so I’m glad you linked to her. :)

    Baby hanging station made me gleeful. I want to imitate…

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