Pick N Mix – Week Starting 9 November 2009

Pick N Mix - 9 November 2009
  • Sally from Alraedy Pretty has the same figure as me. We can look totally slim from the front but get us side on and you see where we store our food! She gives some tips on how to dress including which items to embrace, which to avoid, and which to wear when you don’t care about showing your shape.
  • Have you always been curious about Madonna’s sex book? The scanned pages are available online. (NSFW natch)
  • ickle and Lardee dress up for Halloween.
  • Chinese people write in Chinese, not english.
  • Amazing Halloween makeup! Zippered face.
  • Double Fail – Not only does Andrew completely lose at trying to win some affection from his ex he also writes like he’s been taking tips from the How To Write Badly Well blog.
  • It’s true, us Kiwis are ridiculously polite (or just ridiculous) when it comes to paying for meals at a restaurant, particularly when you’re in a party larger than five. We’re hyper aware that some people may have ordered cheaper dishes and no drinks because they’re short on cash. Frankly, unless we’re sharing food, like at yum cha, I like to pay for what I ate.
  • What a cool idea. It looks great
  • writers block
  • Christ died for easter sales.
  • xkcd does beauty as well as snark. I’m an organ donor and am quite happy to donate my body to science if my family doesn’t mind having to keep their memories rather than my ashes. The law is a bit weird in NZ though, even if you have donor printed on your licence your family still gets to decide what happens with you when you die.
  • Things I hate: Men who tell me to smile.

The Golden Age of Video – Ricardo Autobahn

(I have just under 300 posts left to read from last week. I suspect there’ll be around 500 waiting for me when I get up in the morning. Hopefully Pick N Mix will be bigger next week!)

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  1. That facebook letter was THE BEST in douchebaggery I’ve read in a while. Of course, then I ruined it by reading some of the comments. He was just trying to be nice, my ass!

    I liked the Chinese immigrant letter too; that was kind of an asinine question IMO (“should include your contributions to the West”?). What a way to answer it.

  2. Oh, that xkcd comic was lovely.

    Remind me to never go out to dinnerwith a bunch of Kiwis! I went to dinner with a group in Canberra who ended up using the calculator function of their phone to work out how much everyone owed. While I sat there with a face that said ‘You’re stealing my life away minute by minute’ and half-yelled “JUST SPLIT THE FUCKING BILL EVENLY.”

  3. BAHAHAHAHA, the Lamebook post and the pregnancy question both made me laugh for a loooong time! I made the partner read the pregnancy question and he started playing ‘how is babby formed? how girl get pragnent’? in the background. I can’t breathe through all of this damn laughter!

  4. I hate when men tell me to smile. Couldn’t have said it better than that post. Ick, it always creeps me out.
    ickle and Lardee get cuter everytime. I can’t get enough!

  5. *Things I hate: Men who tell me to smile.*

    You’ve hit the nail right on my wife’s head. Is that the right way of putting it?

    Her other hated variation on the theme is..

    “Cheer up love, it might not happen.”

    To which the appropriate response is, “With you, I hope to god it never does.”

    30 seconds later. Half way down the street. With no-one round to hear…

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