Pick N Mix – Week Starting 16 November 2009


Bad Romance – Lady Gaga
Despite the horrific choreography this video is AMAZE

A cute kitty being fed with chopsticks? Yes please!

Seeing my dog the day I got back from Afghanistan

This cat is totes pissed! The commentary is ridculous and therefore hilarious.

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  1. 1) Thanks for the nod!
    2) I totally own What Would A Unicorn Do?!
    3) You’ve just improved my life ten fold by introducing me to redacted
    4) also improved it by introducing me to the kitty/chopstick video!

  2. HAHAHA THE CATS. Oh lordy that video is hilarious.

    I’m also really surprised by the portrait tattoo – I’m honestly not a fan of portrait tatts & tend to think they look tacky, but that is gooorgeous.


    I saw that video about the pissed of cat with my boyfriend last week (I think). This has resulted in many “conversations” consisting of nothing but angry meowing.

  4. I love your blog because it is so full of CAT LOVE. That cat fight was so.very.funny. I like how the other cat just sits their and takes it. And the cat eating with chopsticks is extra cute because it can actually balance on its hind legs. Fantastic!

  5. i got all teary watching the video with the army guy and his dog. that’s how my puppy reacts whenever i see her again! (she lives in melb with my dad)

    thankgod i watched it before the other kitty videos. too cute.

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