Pick N Mix – Week Starting 5 October 2009

Oh Well

Twilight Spoof

Real Moments with Rachel Zoe

Hate ?

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  1. You’ve always got the best videos. Loves it.
    Rachel Zoe. I heart her…but this girl, stole a piece of my heart. Too funny.
    Happy Monday!

  2. “hate?” girl makes way too much sense, Rachel Zoe cracked me up, and that “mermaid or whale “thing was brilliant! Thanks for introducing me to that blog!
    I’m so glad somebody wrote about how ridiculous some of those “recessionista”articles are too! I often have to toss up between “dropping $300 on makeup I’ll never use” and buying a week and a halfs worth of groceries ..O.o *rolls eyes*

  3. the kids in the youtube video are awesome, all of them! the little break dancing ones ohmigod, i want!!!

    LOVE that sign about jesus too. why have i never realised that!!! too good

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