Happy Birthday Cupcakes and Mace (COMPETITION!!) [closed]

It’s a very exciting day in the Cupcake Factory as one year ago cupcakesandmace.com was born.
“But posts in your archive go back to March 2008” I hear you cry. And yes, you are right. When this blogging thing started for me I went through a few names before I decided I wanted to take blogging a more seriously and register a domain.

Life has changed a lot since then. I’m self employed now, blogging, thinking up pretties, and interacting with customers on a daily basis. I really appreciate everyone who has joined me along the way. Thanks to you I have no plans to give this thing up.

To say thank you and to celebrate this milestone I’m giving you the present! We’ve started designing necklace squares with helvetica text. I have no idea what to call them collectively, so feel free to help me out.

The Rules

All you have to do is comment and let me know what you’d like your square to say if you win. It can say anything at all. Easy as.

The winner will be picked by a random name draw, but if we really like your idea there might be a prize heading your way too.

And as per usual if you’d like extra entries post a link from your blog to the comp or tweet about it.

You have a week. I’ll draw the winner next weekend on the 3rd of October. And then it’ll be your turn to send me the presents as it’s my birthday on the 9th of October. :D

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  1. Ooooh, I love the square idea! If I could pick, mine would say “Wandering, not lost”. My all-time favourite one-line quote is Tolkien’s “Not all who wander are lost”, but that won’t fit!

    Congratulations on all of your success, my dear! You’re really living the dream and I’m so excited and happy for you. Here’s to many more years of amazing jewellery and blogging!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUPCAKES & MACE! :D That’s awesome Kim, I totally second what Jaka said – you’re living the dream and have come such a long way from when I first started reading :) Congrats on all your success and happy adventures, you deserve a lifetime of it :) It’s totally unoriginal, but.. my necklace would say ‘Frock And Roll’! I’ve wanted one for a while, so even though I should probably try to come up with something more exciting/unique/interesting, I think that’s what my vote goes to :) Happy, happy birthday!


    P.S. Last night.. I DID IT! :D Thanks again for all your help. You’re a true champion!

  3. If I knew it could fit, I’d have it say either “Trust me, I’m telling stories” (which is a line from my favorite Jeannette Winterson book, the Passion).

    Though I kind of like this line from a Hemingway book, which was “Too hell with you, Lady Ashley,” so that makes me kind of want one that says “To hell with you.” ;)

  4. I do love the “To be or not to be” necklace, as a drama teacher that absolutely sings to me from across the page. Also, “Out, out, damned spot” – one can’t go past a good lady Macbeth :D

  5. Happy birthday!!!! :D
    I’ve been an enthusiastic follower since I discovered your blog (a month ago, btw), and frm Spain! how far and exotic, right? (not at all, haha)
    I’d love mine to say “Sin is the only real colour element left in modern life” which is from The Picture of Dorian Gray by O.Wilde, but it’s probably http://cupcakesandmace.com/2009/09/25/happy-birthday-cupcakes-and-mace-competition/#commentstoo long, so maybe… “Ira” which is the name my boyfriend picked for me ^^ it’s a shortcut to Iragar, which means quince in basque ^^

    Soooo, happy birhtday again, enjoy and thanks for creating such a nice blog and designing amazing original colourful and super dooper funny jewellery!!!



  6. Cool! A year of blogging, yay for you! And a birthday soon too! Same for me! I love these new square necklaces – if I had one I think I’d like it to say “Yes, I’m an artist”. That way I can stop trying to mutter and mumble my way out of conversations since I’m always having issues actually telling people that’s what I do and believing it when I say it!

    Happy Bloggy Birthday!


  7. Amazing that you’re doing what so many dream about, and succeeding. I know the succeeding bit shouldn’t be quite so important, but realistically it’s the best part.

    I think mine should say Anti Social, maybe then people will stop talking to me and let me get on with life.

  8. I would want mine to say either “Pretty Pretty Pretty” or “You Are So Entertaining” to go along with my hubris necklace. Oh yes, I want all my domain names to be imortalised!

  9. Love this idea! And love your site :D I have been trying to decide between “fierce” and “dangerous” for a nameplate necklace for some time! But for these oh-so-funky square ones, I think I would like “not just another waitress” (as I have recently started waitressing and it amazes me how dismissive and rude some people are!) or “never give up” (which is a bit classic but a theme in my life lately!)

  10. Happy Anniversary! Good work on making it to a year in fine fashion. You have built a fantastic blog that I hope has many, many happy years ahead.

    I would be so very happy to win your competition, and if I were to be lucky enough I would have ‘Everything’s not lost’ written in mine.

    Love love xo

  11. You guys are fucking amazing! I love all of your ideas so much, I’m going to have a hard time picking just a couple of bonus necklaces to send.
    Thank you for your well wishes and congratulations. It really means a lot.

    For those worried about the number of words allowed, you can have as many as you like the text will just get smaller the more words you have.

  12. happy birthday!!!! congrats kim, i love your site to death, wish id been with you from the beginning!

    everyone’s suggestions are so awesome!!! Im having such a hard time picking what id want mine to say!!

    ‘everything was beautiful and nothing hurt’ is one of my all time fave quotes, but too long me thinks…
    ‘death wears diamond jewellery’ would be awesome. im a narcissist at heart :) oooh, with a little stick on diamonte hehe cute!!!
    orrr ‘team bubble’ – which is a nickname for me and my boyfriend. lame i know, but since he’s going to be moving interstate soon it’d be adorable!

    you MUST show us a pic of the winning name plate!


  13. eeek! this is a brilliant idea, just what i’ve been loking for. i’d love to have one that says “questionable content” :D also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i’ve been following you’re jewellery line for a while, and just recently noticed your blog. silly me. heres to many more years :)

  14. Happy Birthday! I would love my necklace to say “Perceive the Wonderful” as its my all time fav quote, or “Miss Rosie Cocopops” as this was what I wanted to be called when i was 5 and in front of a judge legally getting adopted, they sadly didnt let me change it to that :( So my poor cat got stuck with it and she would proudly wear a kitty-cat necklace too if you ever feel like making them!

    Yay for PPP for posting a blog about Cupcakes and Mace!!!
    Love from your new fan, Sarah a.k.a Miss RCP.


  15. HAPPPY BIRTHDAAAYY !!!!!!!!!!!!! (I’m doing my best to shout in written-form!). Reading about how far you have come in a year is so inspiring – my blog’s a couple of days away from my 1 month birthday, so in my dreams there are 11 more to go before I can reach as many people as you do!

    Now, what would I put in a square? I was thinking I might do a bit of promotion and get “Personal Legend” but I think it sounds a bit too… Kanye West!! So, new idea!
    “Think Outside” because the letterform is in THE BOX!! Ho Ho I’m so clever ;D

    Bisous xx

  16. It’s my b’day on the 8th of October! So hello fellow Libran. If I won, I would like ‘math is ¬hard’. p.s. the ‘¬’ is important because it is the logical operator for ‘not’.

  17. I’ve always loved the opening lines of the Seagull – Why do you always wear black? I’m in mourning for my life.

    Another favourite is – the universe is transformation; your life what your thoughts make it

    but I think my necklace would ideally say
    enthusiasm is everything – part of a line from Mark Twain.

  18. ohh i love freebies! Happy Birthday! I saw some laser cut outs like yours in a shop the other day, but they were giant ones (a bit like those live, dream or whatever wood cutouts, if you know what I’m talking about) & i thought they were from you! :)

    Anyway, I really like “Je ne regrette rien” – I have no regrets. Fave Edith Piaf song.

  19. Yay to the yayness! I want one of your necklaces so badly!

    Mine would say “Yeah? What of it?” because I’m always saying it to be obnoxious and it winds my boyfriend up so much it’s hilarious. He’s like “What does that even MEAN it doesn’t even make SENSE!?” and gets really wound up :>

    (That might appear really crap to anyone else!)

    Congrats on your Blog’s birthday and your shop too – I love it x

  20. Happy Birthday Cupcakes and Mace!!!

    Hmm…how about calling the square style “C squared” c being for cupcakes of course. I don’t know how to do the little 2 in the comments – don’t think I can. Or “Think Outside”….

    If I won (and I never do) I’d want “think outside” or “c’est la vie”

    Oh a birthday coming up….yay! I won’t greet you now cause you KNOW I’ll be back :)

    Oh and to know what goes on in their minds…I’d love it – sometimes there are no words for it y’know?

  21. Happy Blogiversary! …Blogbirthday?! Anyway…HAPPY HAPPY! Way to go!

    Here’s some necklace ideas:

    You learn something new everyday



    The lion fell in love with the lamb (quote from Twilight)

    Birthday Girl


    I’m a … (square)

    Don’t be a…. (square)

    Everything happens for a reason

    I Hate Barbie



    Cancer sucks

    I love shoes

    I love handbags

    (I love cupcakes!)

    All my best, Lynda :D

  22. Happy Bloggy birthday!! It’s amazing to hear what your life is like now must be crazy to look back on the last year. this is an awesome competition! Ahhh….what to put what to put…I’m still thinking of what I want on my nameplate LOL. I guess I would want mine to say since I have the space is

    I’m a bit of a geek

    some other ideas:

    I’m not listening
    Where am i?
    How you doin?
    Yeah, Nah

  23. Wow! I returned just in time! Happy Birthday Cupcakes and Mace! IYou definitely made the right decision to pursue your dreams. It gives life meaning to do such things.
    This is a really fun and creative competition! Gawsh, I’m not really sure what I’d write…I thought of “think outside” (as in , the box) but i see I’m not the only one who’s been thinking along those lines!
    I can’t really think of any clever quotes off the top of my head (though I’m sure I’ll think of plenty as soon as I’ve logged off..), but I think I’d just have “IMAGINATION”, as it sums up my little world, and whats most important to me. Either that, or “Just BECAUSE.” because I hate how we are all supposed to justify our reasons for changing our lives around; doing this ; not doing that; persuing this dream, making chioces that others feel they have a right to tell you not to etc. Yeah. Those would be my choices :)

  24. Never know where you’ll end up when you follow a link! I stumbled in here from your etsy site in search of an answer to ‘how the heck do you do that!?!’

    I think the new line should be called ‘Boxed Thoughts’ as a collective whole.

    Mine would be: Why Not?


  25. Happy first beeday, Cupcakes and Mace!! Your jewellery is smashing! :)
    I can only think of getting something like ‘c’est la vie,’ or ‘big damn heroes’ (firefly reference for the latter, hehe).

    P.S We are birthday twins (yay Libra). ^__^

  26. I always liked the song lyric “Clouds will be a daisy chain” from The Beatles song ‘Dear Prudence’. That’s my necklace contribution… or… FML.

    Congratulations on a year of blogging! :)

  27. Happy birthday! I’ve only recently stumbled across your blog, so here’s to many more!
    If I were to choose a phrase to stick in one of your stylish squares, it would probably be “little birds”, which are the theme of my favourite poem by ee cummings – and also the inspiration behind my first tattoo.
    – Amelia

  28. Let’s see, either…. Du mußt dein Leben ändern – which is from a Rilke poem and means You must change your life — or I’m blogging this – because I say that a lot :)

  29. I need a pendant that says either “Classic Peg”, “I’m On A Boat”, or “Tadow…how you like me now?”

    Will “Tadow…” fit? I have other ideas such as “Mafematics” and “Brush Your Teef”, but my wife thinks they’re lame.

  30. Happy Birthday to your website (and early birthday to you!) and congrats on making your dream a reality! :)
    Mine would say “Do what you love…Love what you do” – as I saw it on a necklace a few days ago and I can’t stop thinking about those words! Definitely words to live by!
    :) x


    I would get one that said “Rotten Little Girl” obvvvviously! Teehee. The best part is that most people in my day-to-day life don’t know about my blog, so it would be extra sneaky & subtle.

  32. Happy bloggy birthday! Mine just passed – very exciting!!

    I have 2 phrases that I cant choose between! Either “on lovers lips” (shortened from “soul meets soul on lovers lips” which is the line from Percy Shelly that the bf puts on my birthday card every year – vom!) OR “up the junction” which is the name of Nell Dunn’s first novel and one of the reasons I did my MA degree/started my blog in the first place!

    This is such a great idea for a competition, it really gets you thinking!!

  33. Ooh I really want to think of something profound and simple and brilliant but – yeah. It’s tricky. I’ll go with

    Read between the lines

    And happy birthday!

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  35. Happy Birthday!
    You are a star! (not for the necklace … I just think you are :) )
    I like the first of a poem by a dude whose name I can’t remember but it goes:
    ‘It is Eternity now, I am in the midst of it’ I just love it even if it didn’t fit the first part would be ideal :) ages ago I approached the one & only Nubby Twiglet to design it as a tattoo for me even! I just need the dollars to get the design done & then the tattoo :)

  36. Happy B-Day! I love the Squares I think mine would say ” Save the Ta-Tas” I found out this week I have Breast Cancer, I also know others who fight with it. or I would go with “Fire and Ice” My Favorite poet is Robert Frost and as the world is falling apart people ask will it end in Fire or Ice, for me Fire but also because I am a women and I can be Fire or cold as Ice.

  37. I’ve been thinking and thinking all week what I would like for a pendant to say. Honestly I’m pulling a blank. I’m thinking “Designer’s Block” would be good. or maybe “Secretly, I’m an owl” because owls are so hip and indie these days or maybe eve just “i AM so indie”, for everyone to know that I’m cool in case they hadn’t figured it out already. Yeah. That one. The last one.

  38. Can you please bring back the “I’m Blogging This” necklace? It was so cute, and I just never had the money to buy it. Actually, I still don’t, but I might soon, and I know others liked it, too.

  39. Thanks! And whenever you do get to that, I can actually buy afford to buy a few of those necklaces (because I’m working now; what a difference a month makes)!

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