Pick N Mix – Week Starting 24 August 2009

Pick N Mix
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Home and Away: The Case of the Missing Puppies

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  1. I’m pretty sure I need a Danbo. And I’m also pretty sure I need to make up my mind on what my necklace should say…darn indecisiveness…

  2. OMG. That photoshop tennis thing just made me LITERALLY laugh out loud. Hilariously ridiculous! I loved the “shut the fuck up” thing too. “Skullfuck” is a great word! I like her style.
    Oh I NEEDED that post on people who found success in their 30’s!!! It’s a shame there weren’t more women in it though- there were only 2, and both “made it” in domestic type fields…..meh I’m just nitpicking now probably. It was a good read! As was the article on being BOLD. Oh yes, I will refer to that next time I ask myself “should i really type that?”.
    I like the “fatty” necklace, yes I do. Cute and funny. It’s a shame that women who aren’t size 6-8 should be considerewd “fat” though :( I’ve seen those photos before, and many of them look gorgeous, healthy, and nicely toned. But yeah, it’s good to see a variety of shapes and sizes represented on the catwalk! If I saw a beautiful outfit on somebody with a similar body shape to my own, I’d be more inclined to buy it methinks.
    I rate this post 5 out of 5 cupcakes. Awesomus Maximus!

  3. The list of people who didn’t make it in their careers before they were 30 is SO inspiring… especially right now as I work through a dull job & try to work on things that fulfill me more..

  4. Yea, when you understand it! I’m just enough of a geek that I get it most of the time, but every now and then they through out a programming joke or gaming joke and I have no idea.

  5. The thing with the Fat Acceptance movement is that the people leading it, and calling themselves fat, are taking back the word and trying to make people realise that fat = having fat on your body. It does not mean ugly, lazy, or stupid.

    Plus sizes usually start at about a 16 or 18 so not quite at 6-8, but in model world it seems you have to be either size 6-8 or plus size. I’d really love to see some size 12s. I would have assumed from the pics that they were the same size as me but the label starts at size 14.

  6. I like my necklace too!

    The models were size 14 to 18 – a few were rather toned, but several were rather squishy (including City Chic’s main model, the hotty begotty Courtney Maxwell). There were some jiggly arms parading down that runway, which made me terribly excited.

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