Pick N Mix – Week Starting 24 August 2009

Pick N Mix
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Home and Away: The Case of the Missing Puppies

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  1. I’m pretty sure I need a Danbo. And I’m also pretty sure I need to make up my mind on what my necklace should say…darn indecisiveness…

  2. OMG. That photoshop tennis thing just made me LITERALLY laugh out loud. Hilariously ridiculous! I loved the “shut the fuck up” thing too. “Skullfuck” is a great word! I like her style.
    Oh I NEEDED that post on people who found success in their 30’s!!! It’s a shame there weren’t more women in it though- there were only 2, and both “made it” in domestic type fields…..meh I’m just nitpicking now probably. It was a good read! As was the article on being BOLD. Oh yes, I will refer to that next time I ask myself “should i really type that?”.
    I like the “fatty” necklace, yes I do. Cute and funny. It’s a shame that women who aren’t size 6-8 should be considerewd “fat” though :( I’ve seen those photos before, and many of them look gorgeous, healthy, and nicely toned. But yeah, it’s good to see a variety of shapes and sizes represented on the catwalk! If I saw a beautiful outfit on somebody with a similar body shape to my own, I’d be more inclined to buy it methinks.
    I rate this post 5 out of 5 cupcakes. Awesomus Maximus!

  3. The list of people who didn’t make it in their careers before they were 30 is SO inspiring… especially right now as I work through a dull job & try to work on things that fulfill me more..

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