Love & Sequins #2 – Short N Sweet Review

Gala Darling’s Love & Sequins #2 – A Smart Girl’s Guide to Business – Podcast

Love and Sequins 2 Gala Darling

Lots of great stuff for people thinking about leaving, or too scared to leave their office jobs.
Otherwise just a reassurance that I’m on the right track. Nothing new really.


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  1. I’m not slating you, but it interests me to know why people would buy / listen to this, or anything similar! She’s a good business woman, I’ll give her that.

  2. thanks for this review! i’ve been wondering what these podcasts are really like, and if they’re even worth half of the money that are asked for them. have you tried bakerys guide to etsy success ( i can’t help but feel tempted by these guides and podcasts, but i’m afraid i already know all of what they have to teach (only i’m not using this knowledge at all yet).

  3. I’ve been teetering between whether to buy this or not for about a week (mainly b/c I was interested in business advice). So…don’t think I shall now. Thanks for saving me 12 clams, Ms Constantine :)!!

  4. Want to know the truth? Gala Darling is a FRAUD. She gives the world the impression that she earns ‘mad bling’ from her blog. Real story? Gala Darling lives off her parents money. Professional bloggers KNOW how much she can make from Adsense and a couple of Blogads, and it is not nearly enough to support her travel and shopping habits.

    I am APPALLED at how young girls admire her and think they can emulate her self-proclaimed “business success”, when Gala Darling’s frivolous lifestyle is really subsidized by her parents. Follow her on Twitter for a few days and the truth is plain to see. Gala Darling’s idea of “work” is taking photos of herself and putting them on the internet, then going shopping.

    It’s fine to be rich and blog about your life, but don’t LIE about being an independent businesswoman who makes all her money off her blog. Gala Darling needs to address this criticism instead of ignoring her many critics.

    • Once upon a time I enjoyed reading Gala’s posts, but the more I think about it the more I realize that the “trust fund kid” story is more likely than anything else. Why? I often found myself thinking, “How can a blogger, even a professional one with many followers, make enough money to live in upscale apartments in downtown New York City, buy designer shoes and clothes that costs hundreds of dollars, go shopping almost every day, eat at fancy restaurants, make constant trips across the world and stay in the most upscale hotels?” It doesn’t make any sense unless she is supporting herself by some other means. Doctors and lawyers hardly make enough to live that extravagantly. .
      That being said, I’m not saying I’m 100% positive she is a trust fund kid, but when thinking about it realistically, something definitely smells funny.

    • She also coppies other fashion bloggers, such as Audrey Kitching. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Gala. She has great fashion and is quite witty. I just wish she would be more honest, instead of taking so much credit for other people’s work.

  5. Ms. Constantine, you are right. Any person who is Internet savvy knows that even the gurus like Problogger, John Chow and Shoemoney make the bulk of their income from affiliate referrals, e-books, consulting, domain hoarding … NOT from Adsense and a couple of blog ads.

    These gurus also are upfront about how they make their money, even when the schemes are sketchy, like John Chow charging for text links.

    GALA DARLING has a dirty financial secret and refuses to come clean about it when people call her out on it. It is FINE to be rich and live your life out on your blog but don’t pretend you’re doing something you’re not.

    Quote from Gala Darling’s livejournal…. “the day i went home, my mother & i went on a several-thousand-dollar shopping spree.”

    Video, pictures of Gala Darling’s parents multimillion dollar home………

  6. Thanks for the review sweetheart! I’ve been on the hunt for one for quite some time because frankly my mind boggles at forking out that sort of price for a podcast – it’s more than I would pay to see a movie here in Australia…
    And yeah, you’ve sort of confirmed my fears, because I’m not sure there is that much else that Gala can share that she’s held back from iCiNG. I don’t want a rehash done in her cute accent – I’ll use the search function thankyou.

    I guess I’m a bit peeved at the whole thing because I wouldn’t mind hearing what they had to say and putting down a couple of dollars each podcast for the privilege, but I cannot justify $12 just to sample it basically. I asked if I could buy a single one and then receive a discount on the whole year should I chose to subscribe, apparently the answer is no…Then how are we supposed to decide if we like it before committing?

    Also, I’ve always been very curious about how she really made/makes her money from iCiNG – enough to afford all those airfares + accomodation + her lifestyle? That would seriously surprise me considering the amount of products she offers and the amount of ads there…I don’t have an issue if she’s subsidising it in other ways – she’s just lucky – but if it’s not the case that her blog is actually supporting her, then I think we’ve all been misled, which is sad.

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  8. I know, late to the party- this review is actually what brought me to your website.

    But I must say I wish I had read this review before I plunged in & bought the podcast. I actually subscribed to the whole thing in a fit of Gala-induced glee, & it was shortly after that I started going to her website less & less frequently (same reason many of the original readers have, don’t need to re-hash it). The podcast is exactly as you say, nothing new really, & the most recent one (#6, ‘Better Dressed’) is literally her reading out loud her articles about style bibles, ‘fashion help for recovering goths’, & closet cleaning. Sure there is some other stuff in there too, but it doesn’t help me with the overall feeling of being ripped off.

    Can I unsubscribe? I don’t know. It seems like Gala has sort of unsubscribed all of us- they started coming later & later into the month (the one for October arrived on the 30th), & the one for November hasn’t arrived yet. I’m sure she has received more than her fair share of negativity lately, but I would sort of like an answer as to what I am going to receive for the second half of the money I paid her up front.

  9. I realise there are a load of rich people here now. But NZ still isn’t a society that deals in trust funds nearly as much as, say, America. I know 0 people in real life that live off trust funds.
    Also, house prices rise with inflation. If they’re all close to a million that means everyone is on relatively the same level. It doesn’t mean the owners are rich, it means they’re middle class, or upper middle.

  10. tiara shafiq or TS has made it her mission in life to slenderize Gala Darling. She’s lucky she hasn’t been sued yet

  11. Trusts are as common as anything here. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have one or date someone who doesn’t have one. Nz is a nation of business people, business people always have trusts.

  12. On the topic of honesty I’m agreeing with Lauren. I believe she gave up rights to privacy surrounding her business when she began selling fluffy cheerleading as business advice.

    As for the trust funds in New Zealand issue I’m inclined to say I have had an opposite experience to David, who I’m assuming is a New Zealander also. I don’t disagree that there are a lot of people in New Zealand with trust funds, because I am sure there are, but I am part of a low socio-economic group and I have only one friend that has a trust fund. In my eyes (because I represent the largest income bracket in New Zealand) I believe it is a select group of NZ society who have trust funds… and David you must have some rich friends!
    In saying that if anyone has a trust fund it’s Gala. The footage of her family house shows it is huge, relatively new and on prime beach front property.

    Of course all about Gala is speculation until she respects her fans enough to be totally honest. It is those who idolise and believe in her that are getting hurt the most.

  13. Hey beautiful people. I know Gala personally, and her parents. She would probably not
    endorse me writing this because she can take care of herself, however I can personally assure you her parents are not the source of her income, her hard work, blog and determination to succeed is. Rich parents don’t get and stay rich by squandering their money on their children but they do pass down passion, wisdom and business savvy.

    Believe what you will, haters gonn hate, but Gala was once working 9-5 and maybe even being bitter on the Internet like you guys, before she followed her dreams.

    Why don’t you send her an email rather than defaming with lies?

    Peace, bitches!

    • Hi HS. Thanks for your comment.
      Over 2 years ago when this post was written it was not at all obvious where Gala’s money was coming from, and she was selling business advice on how to make money without actually revealing how she makes money. That sort of thing leads people to make guesses. It’s good to know she’s not a trust fund kid, but it would still be interesting to hear how she was surviving in New York 2 years ago when she didn’t appear to have the advertising deals she does now.

      I read many comments on her blog at the time asking the same questions which she refused to respond to.

  14. Kim that’s totally cool and I can appreciate and respect that, I also understand her decision not to respond because she has been honest and forthcoming in interviews about it.

    I wholeheartedly endorse her decision to remove commenting, because sometimes you can get into painful and pointless back and forth stuff that just completely takes away from the validity of an article. Responding to every question is incredibly time consuming and sometimes you’re just dealing with bored internet warriors.

    She has always been open about welcoming emails, feedback and questions,
    I think her increased productivity, site readership, participation in the radical self love bootcamp etc is just a total testament to her continued positive business decisions.

    The only reason I even found this article is because I was searching for a link to a specific article and this came up as a google search so I was curious to see what all the kerfuffle was about.

    Have a wonderful week.

  15. Hello All!

    Has anybody else bought any of the other podcasts, as I have been debating for a long time whether to buy or not, I’m more interested in building my self confidence rather than business advice, is it worth parting my cash for?

    Many Thanks


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