Pick N Mix – Week Starting 3 November 2008

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  1. Dude we are SOOOO the ladybloggers of Australasia! Lol. You *must* come for the cupcake extravaganza! PERTH! Subliminal messaging is PERTH! fun. We all have to totally PERTH! hang out.

  2. lol thanks for making me laugh when I’m feeling like absolute shit. I’ll tell you what, If I can earn enough money from blogging between now and April not only will I be totally amazed, I’ll brave the scary plane and come to Perth for you.

  3. YAY to your PERTH! comment above PERTH!.
    Are you really earning money from blogging? Teach me your ways, oh great one. Is it just through the advertising on the sides?

  4. Well no, not really.
    I don’t have enough traffic yet to earn real money. And I don’t want to shove ads in peoples faces too much. Once I’ve got lots more traffic I’ll be able to. So far I’ve made $1.81 in one month…that’s why I said I’d be amazed if I made enough money to come to Perth.

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