Have I told you lately that I love you?

Karma KreamWell, Lush, I do!

I just made a fantastic purchase from the lovely, generous ladies at Lush in Wellington. We went in because the boy needed more moisturiser and because we had a 10% off voucher I asked what would suit my currently dry winter skin too. I still have about a quarter of each of my Living Nature bottles left to use. But I like trying new stuff.
Tracey (the name on the receipt) suggested Baby Face or Ultra Bland as cleansers, Celestial or Skin Drink as moisturisers and the Breath of Fresh Air toner. Tracey tried them all out on the back of my hand so I could choose the ones I liked. The boy got a repeat on the Cosmetic Lad.

I thought I was just going to go for the Baby Face, and then I added Celestial to the list and then we were just $25 away from a free goodie bag that you get when you spend $100. So Breath of Fresh Air got chucked in, with the 10% discount voucher we were back down to $88 but because these ladies are so fantastic she left us have the goodie bag anyway.

The contents:

Amazonian massage bar worth $20
I Love Juicy 100g shampoo worth $13
Potion solid perfume worth $14.50 (my favourite perfume is still Lush’s solid Silky Underwear)
Karma Kream 225g hand and body cream worth a wopping $38.50

I opened up the Karma Kream a few minutes ago to use on my hands and I no longer think I need to worry about marrying my boy. I’ll marry the cream instead, it is SO delicious.

Thank you Lush. You will definitely be getting my return business!

P.S while stocks last you can buy a reusable bag with your purchase and save 20% off you total order!

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  1. Yay a kiwi blogger! I’m an aussie thats been living in Christchurch for a while now.. about to leave for the UK but not before a campervan road trip from Chch to Auckland! Any hot tips for places to hit up in Wellington??

    I love Lush… not that I can afford the splurge too often, but their stuff is just divine! Thanks for the tip about 20% off :D

  2. Hi Kate! Sorry it took so long to approve your comment. I have been well away from the internet while a had a friend staying for a few days.
    Wellington…hmmm. I suppose it really depends on if you’ve been here before and what you like. I can recommend Cuba St for all things different and some great cafes (Roxy and Olive for a big breakfast). The Southern Cross is at the bottom of Cuba St and has the nicest garden bar I’ve ever seen. This place is great for a big group or any type of lounging around. And Real Groovy is practically across the street.
    Midland Sushi does the best takeaway Sushi in town, especially the crab sushi which we have taken to calling crack sushi. It’s that good!
    The Embassy theatre is cool for a visit because of the huge screen, the choice of leather seats and the LOTR factor.
    Old Bank Arcade hosts names like Ricochet and Ruby (and Lush).
    And if you can get a seat, Maranui cafe in Lyall bay is very good and very popular. If you are out there during the week it is a lot easier to get a seat than in the weekend!

  3. Hi
    I saw you comment on leaf’s blog so I thought i’d check you out.
    Trust Lush to do all the cool stuff now. Last time I Was in welly I spent $230 and I got nothing. Now they have gift bags and 20% off *sigh*

    I like your theme too its nice.

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